Friday, February 13, 2009

My first Diamond at Ciao

I am a writer at a few review sites and well known at two major ones and I put alot of hard work, dedication and passion into most of my reviews. I do these things for several reasons and first and foremost is because I am a perfectionist and like to be the best I can be at everything I do. I like to evolve, expand and exercise my mind. I also put so much effort into it because my work reflects on my character; the kind of person I am. It shows that I take pride in whatever it is I do.

I recently wrote a review at on the Tool album "├ćnima" and of course I put everything I had into it. I did it not only because of my pride and wanting to be perfect, but because this band and especially this album mean a great deal in my life. You can read more about that in my review below.

Ciao was my first review site and through all the bullshit and crap that is happening lately it is still my home and none of these idiots are going to chase me off. It is has taught me how to be a good writer; some would say a great writer and I keep getting better with each new review I write (especially about music).

Well, my hard work has finally paid off. The most prestigious award at Ciao is the Diamond. The Diamond is awarded to exceptional reviews that are hand picked by the staff at Ciao every month. Our reviews are rated by our peers and exceptional is the highest rating you can recieve. The staff then determines if the review is actually exceptional or not because many people cheat and give each other high ratings when they really don't deserve it. But there are hundreds of truly exceptional reviews and only 5 of those reviews can receive this highest honor. Along with the award of Diamond you are also awarded a monetary recompense to show you that they appreciate you hard work and skill.

I have finally won my first Diamond! I knew my review was exceptional as many of my others are, but there are many great writers at Ciao who are much more talented than I. Today as I was looking through my reviews to see if someone had hate rated me I was skimming the page and almost didn't see it. I thought I did, but didn't believe it so I scrolled back up the page and there it was! I jumped out of my chair so high I almost feel over I was so happy. My hard work had finally paid off.

Now we don't see our new earnings for the day until the new day arrives so all day I wondered how much. It really was all I could think about all day. Finally the time came and I refreshed my browser to see my new earnings and I had made $15! That's not including money I get from the rates so so far I have made maybe $17 or $18 off of this one review.

I keep using the cliche "I can't believe it", but in all reality I can. I am not as arrogant as some people beleive, but I am a good writer and I put my heart, soul and knowledge into this review. I deserve it and I am glad that other people and Ciao recognize it. Thank you Ciao and all the people who read and rated it.

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