Monday, March 31, 2014

Parallel Kingdom Image Converter V1.0

Editing Parallel Kingdom Images

For those of you who like to mod anything and everything just because you can, I have built a small utility to quickly convert Parallel Kingdom image files to PNG format so you can edit them in your image editing software of choice.
Today I have finished and released Parallel Kingdom Image Converter V1.0.
You might think it's not a big deal to add or remove a file extension from a file, but the pk image folder has over 16,000 files and even if you're not editing all of them this is still a helpful tool for pk image batch renaming.
To use simply download the sfx installer from the link above and install. There will be 2 shortcuts on your desktop:
  1. One for the main program
  2. One for the working image folder
And 3 shortcuts in your Start Menu:
  1. One for the main program
  2. One for the working image folder
  3. PKIC Uninstaller (can be accessed from utility as well)
After install is finished you place the pk images that you want to work on in the "Images" folder and run the program from one of the shortcuts provided. Use the program to convert pk image files to PNG format then edit your images and save your work to the Images folder. Once you are ready to use your modded image files just use the program to convert the files back to pk image files and return images back to your phone or tablet in the sdcard/pk folder.
As simple as that. Any questions please leave comments
For those of you who like things a little less organized and portable download the portable version here.
Disclaimer: This is not an official PerBlue or Parallel Kingdom® product nor is it endorsed by said company.