Friday, February 20, 2009

GIMP and my graphic design.

Ok people I have have been trying to learn more graphic design and perfect the skills I already have. Most graphics on this blog are mine except for the background, which is the superb artwork of Alex Grey. There is an infinite array of possibilities with graphic programs as there are thousands of effects and inside each effect are thousands of settings. Add and infinite amount of layers and do the multiplication and you can fathom the possibilities.

I use GIMP because it is free and because Adobe installer won't work on my computer (a problems thousands of people seemed to have had over the years). GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and I won't go into what GNU is because I only know a little about it at this time, but it is a worthy competitor and adversary of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw and because it is free it is much better. There are many tutorials and forums on the internet to teach you how to use the program and a complete user hand guide, which I have in pdf format. There are too many things too do with this program so none of us will ever know how to do everything with this program, but users like me are kind enough to teach their tricks and skills on these forums, blogs and websites and I will list some of these places here:

Get the latest version of GIMP here:

Make Gimp look and work like Photoshop with Gimpshop:

Find cool plugins and scripts at the GIMP registry and forum here:

Here is my first Gimp tutorial site where you can learn cool tricks and make some of your own when you think you know what you are doin, lol:

Another cool GIMP forum with tutorials in forum posts:

A couple of blogs with tutorials:

There are many more, but these are my main ones I go to. I also have a few trick of my own and will eventually start a blog dedicated to GIMP tutorials. Today I spent half the day just messing around with a few random tricks I learned and some I just figured out on my own. In the image I will show you below the lightning bolts are the newest trick I learned and I am still trying to perfect it. Here's is what I did today:

If you like what you see then please let me know what you think by leaving your comment.

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Ranran said...

hey, ian! i can finally post comments on your blogs. yay! you also haven't posted a lot of entries these days.. i thought Blogger removed me on your Followers list that's why i haven't been reading the blogs. but i guess you're busy too. anyway, i really hope things would start looking up for us very soon.

have a happy week!