Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have been with a consumer product review site called almost from the beginning, maybe a month after they started. They had problems almost from the beginning and I have stuck up for them. They paid me. That is what gave me confidence that they would improve all of these problems. I have had patience and now it is dwindling. They implemented a new system days, a week at the most before the pay period and of course it had to have all kinds of bugs and so I had to bitch about it to be able to get paid. I am too pissed to go into detail about what has happened, I just want top say that I am tired of being patient with CBU. That have turned down some of my reviews too and even my worst ones are better than the average best there. I am not trying to say this to be arrogant I am just saying that I writing very helpful pertinent reviews and I am starting to understand some of these people who are good writers about why they are frustrated and angry.

I am frustrated because I have been in an argument with a women at and she keeps arguing with me. Myabe I shouldn't argue back, but she is so wrong and if people start to listen to her people may start believer her because she is a good talker. That's all she is. She is evil. The bottom line is she is trying to make the point that it is Americans fault why we are going into a major depression, but that it is alright that people who want to make money and rich people to feed on the common persons stupidty, hopes and dreams to make a quick buck. She keeps telling me that if people are too stupid to not understand economics or how to pay their bills the right way, then they don't deserve to own their own home. She keeps telling me that if people aren't smart enough to have more than one skill then it is their fault if they lost their jobs and can't find another.

That is pure EVIL. I am am a very intelligent person, but I understand that not everyone can be so. People live different lives and go through different situations and don't always gain the right tools they need to make it in life. I myself never had anyone tell me that I should learn skills or go to school when I was a kid. I lived in the ghetto and the only thing I knew was gang banging and drug dealing. That never stopped me from being inquisitive and curious and wanting to learn, but it certainly stopped me from knowing that I needed more skills in order to make it in the world. Not many people I ever knew actually had a real job. I am 31 and just now leaning web and graphic design trying to gain new skills.

This is this stupid bitches statement "If people get laid off because they only have one marketable skill then they deserve to loose their job". ? How evil is that? To wish bad things upon people. Here is something else she said "If people are stupid enough to put all their money in equities then they deserve to loose it all". ? So she is saying that if a not so intelligent person takes the advice of a financial advisor or their well meant peers to invest in a hone or other equity and they lose their money then they deserved it. How evil can that be. She was also saying that it is alright for smart people to take advantage of dumb people.

You can not blame individual people for mass problems, especially when those mass problems are started by people with money. This is fact! They take advantage of peoples hopes and dreams and then blame them when they can't pay for it. These institutions know that people won't be able to pay their payments and high interest rates and they give them credit and mortgages anyway.

I don't know the solution and I don't believe the most intelligent pragmatists do either. What I do know is that we should top going around blaming individual people for our problems. Even as I sit here and blame republicans and I rich people I know I shouldn't blame them either. Blaming doesn't help anyone. We need stop being enemies with each other and start to help each other. Evil people like her have no place in this world and we can not feed her ignorance.

I am frustrated. I will get over it and then it will start up again and I will get angry again. I don't know what to do....

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