Sunday, February 15, 2009

Helping people learn.

I love to help people learn because people have always been kind enough to help me learn and so I feel good when I pay it back (or pay it forward really). It is great when I find people who are inquisitive and smart enough to know that asking a question is the only way to learn anything. There is no such thing as a stupid question and we should keep asking the same question over and over again until we feel we truly understand it.

I have a wealth of knowledge in my brain and unlike most people my brain is no where near cramped and I can just keep learning more and more everyday, which I do. I love to pass on all the information I can to anyone who is will to listen. If I don't know something that someone asks me then I go figure it out. There are so many free learning resources in the world today that it really takes no effort.

I am usually quite patient with people when I teach them things and I understand that not everyone learns the same way. Some people are smart, they just understand things differently. On occasion I do get frustrated with teaching though and today for a short instance was one of those times. I was helping an older friend how to copy and paste (don't laugh) and this is like the 3rd time I have tried to explain it to her. She asked me this morning and it was then that I got frustrated and almost didn't help her, but I refuse to give up on anyone. I also don't like to fail at anything either so I quickly bottled my frustration and tried to put it into the most simplest of terms and explained it step by step. She has had trouble in the past even copying a web address and pasting it into a browser so I couldn't even direct her to a video tutorial, which is much better at explaining to people how to do things. So I told her step by step hot to hold the left click button and drag the mouse across the text until all of the text was highlighted and then right click to bring up the menu and click copy to bring it into the clipboard and then go up to the address bar and right click to bring up the menu again and click paste and then hit enter. The address took her to a video tutorial to better explain to her what I was showing her. She finally figured it out!

It made me feel good to help her and she messaged me back thanking me. This is one of the most basic functions on a computer that is really necessary to do almost everything and I have opened whole new doors for her. i now have a feeling that there will be a multitude of questions from her and I am up to the challenge. Now that she can copy and paste it should be easy now!

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