Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today is a much better day the more recent days have been to me even though I am still depressed and I feel like shit I am in a much better mood for some reason. Last night I didn't feel good either, but I was in a very inspired mood and I have made a bunch of plans for many articles and book possibilities in the future. I am quite excited by the ideas I have been having and keep writing more and more ideas down.

Organization is going to be a problem though and it may take me years before I even have a rough draft of just one book, but I am determined ot do this. I want to write a bunch of series sort of like "Learning for dummies", but there will be levels like 'Beginner', 'Intermediate' and 'Advanced' and I will call it something better to not belittle people like the dummies books do.

I am going to write a bunch of articles and eventually expand on those into these books. I plan to right how to learn the basic computer functions that will help you do everything you need to do on a computer and make it much easier and efficient so that you can pay more attention to what you are learning than how to even use a computer.

I will write books on learning how to think. How to organize your thoughts and how to make it easier to learn. it doesn't have to be hard even for a layman. I have all sorts of ideas and I can keep writing about them all day, but that would be pointless here.

I get my Federal income tax return anyday now andI will be getting my new computer. I know it is getting close so that puts me in a better mood. I have missed playing Call of Duty 4 so much and other video games. I work on here alot, but I like to play sometimes. I like to play alot of different types of games to like MMORPGS and FPS's. I really don't have a preferred genre. Well, enough rambling for today see you all tomorrow.

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