Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Browser Killer v1.0

Browser Killer V1.1

Updated to V1.1

As parents we want the best for our children and we want them to do the best they can in school or wherever they receive their education. The sad fact is that children need guidance and order and as parents we must do the best we can to enforce this. We all know this is almost impossible to control nowadays as we can not be around them 24 hours a day.

One of the major problems I see is distraction, mainly by the internet. Regardless of what your children say they don't always need the internet to do their homework. Sure, if they have something they need to research that's about the only time they should be online, but if your children are doing most of their homework online someone should be checking their teachers curriculum.

Since we can't be there all the time I have created a utility to detect and kill web browsers. Every 10 seconds (to reduce system lag) my utility will run silently in the background and then go through a series of browser detection and kill loops. Kids are smart and getting smarter and therefor I had to design a somewhat hidden program that runs in cmd instead of its' own executable.


This is a portable application which is meant to be hidden so you should store this somewhere you will remember, but where your kids might not think to look. The best ways to use this are:

  • When you're home:
    • Have your children leave the room and start the kap.exe.
    • It runs as cmd.exe in Task Manager which could be anything so your kids have no idea that it is your process.
  • When you're not home:
    • It's a good idea to set homework times and set this to run via task scheduler.
      Learn about Task Scheduler here
  • To end:
    • I have included an endkap.exe which will kill all instances of cmd.exe. (endkap.exe now kills via its' specific PID instead of all instances of cmd.exe)
    • You can kill in your task manager by killing the cmd.exe that is the parent process of timeout.exe.
    • You can start a new cmd.exe to kill with the command
      taskkill /f /im cmd.exe
      or set the same command in Task Scheduler when you want it to stop.

Security Issue:

The behavior of this application stops access to the internet via browsers and therefor is flagged by some antiviruses as false-positives (AV false-positives Google search). To get around this just (restore if necessary) make an exception in your anti-virus program.


Creates a kill.log file in the users Documents folder which logs which browser is killed by time and date so that you can see if and how your kids are trying to be sneaky or not.

This is the beta version, alpha has been tested and worked with no bugs in Windows Vista 32bit and Windows 7 64bit. Please email all bugs to or leave a comment in the section below.
Browsers included so far:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Maxthon
  • Avant
  • Torch
  • Midori
There are more I could add, but most your children will never even hear of.

Release Notes:

V1.0 - First beta release
V1.1 - Added kill.log file in your Documents folder and endkap now kills Browser Killer via its' unique PID instead of kill all instances of cmd.


Icons I created:

Icon for KAP
Icon for ENDKAP

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Shortcut Overlay Utility by Lateralus138

Project currently being rewritten

Shortcut Overlay Utility

There are a few of these out there and all work, but I like to create my own tools that work more the way I want them to. If you don't know what a shortcut overlay is it is the little arrow on any shortcut file in Windows. Some of us either don't like the arrow there or sometimes we want to switch back to old fashion XP overlays.

Default Vista & 7
Default XP
XP Hand
No Shortcut Arrow

Shortcut Overlay Utility V1.1 has modes for Vista and 7 & 8 and has all 4 modes in each.

Modes for Windows Vista and 7 & 8

Each mode looks the same, but one of the resources in Vista is in a different dll than 7 & 8's


There is a portable version or an installable version for those who like that method. The installable version can be cleanly uninstalled. The only single drawback to is that sometimes Windows 7 must be restarted completely to see the results as it will temporarily display a black square until you restart. Not even an issue for me, but if anyone would like me to add a feature to restart the computer just leave a comment and I can add it in. This program is not Windows Verified and so might display false positives, but I freely offer the source code and it should show unknown and not untrusted.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kids going to sleep batch script :D

Kids To Sleep Script

For all my fellow geek/parents out there who know anything about dos batch/cmd coding I wrote this little script to mimic my feelings and many future instances with my children when trying to get them to GO TO SLEEP!!! lol Finishing the loop and continuing the eof consists of deleting a text file in the same folder named awake_kids.txt lol The funny thing about this post that don't get it is that while the file awake_kids.txt exists (kids are awake) the program is running and using processor power which in humans tires us down and in humans and computers eating up our power also wears our physical hulls down.... so when then awake_kids.txt gets deleted (kids go to sleep) the loop then ends and stops using so much energy the same as every parents experiences every time they go to sleep

@echo off
if exist awake_kids.txt (
echo Get your ass to sleep!!!
) else (
echo About fucking time!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Star Wars: The Old Republic - The Black Talon Gameplay

SWTOR Gameplay

The Black Talon mission from Star Wars: The Old Republic
Short video I made of a cool part of "The Black Talon" mission

Monday, March 31, 2014

Parallel Kingdom Image Converter V1.0

Editing Parallel Kingdom Images

For those of you who like to mod anything and everything just because you can, I have built a small utility to quickly convert Parallel Kingdom image files to PNG format so you can edit them in your image editing software of choice.
Today I have finished and released Parallel Kingdom Image Converter V1.0.
You might think it's not a big deal to add or remove a file extension from a file, but the pk image folder has over 16,000 files and even if you're not editing all of them this is still a helpful tool for pk image batch renaming.
To use simply download the sfx installer from the link above and install. There will be 2 shortcuts on your desktop:
  1. One for the main program
  2. One for the working image folder
And 3 shortcuts in your Start Menu:
  1. One for the main program
  2. One for the working image folder
  3. PKIC Uninstaller (can be accessed from utility as well)
After install is finished you place the pk images that you want to work on in the "Images" folder and run the program from one of the shortcuts provided. Use the program to convert pk image files to PNG format then edit your images and save your work to the Images folder. Once you are ready to use your modded image files just use the program to convert the files back to pk image files and return images back to your phone or tablet in the sdcard/pk folder.
As simple as that. Any questions please leave comments
For those of you who like things a little less organized and portable download the portable version here.
Disclaimer: This is not an official PerBlue or Parallel Kingdom® product nor is it endorsed by said company.