Saturday, March 24, 2012

Banners for my boys

Now that I have had my twins and built them a website I have been in Photoshop lately and have made two new banners for their website.
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Monday, March 19, 2012

The boys first visit...

March 19th, 2012 and my boys are a week old today. We had there first pediatric visit and the doctor and all the nurses say the exact same thing as everyone else has said since they were born. THEY ARE PERFECT!!! Especially for them being premature twins they were born big for twins and they are growing.

Sebastian Alan was 5lbs 8oz when he was born and 5lbs 2oz when he left the hospital, but now he has only gained an ounce at 5lbs 3oz, but the doctor says that's okay because he does eat good and has healthy bowel movements.

Gabriel Jean was 4lbs 7oz when he was born and 4lbs 2oz when he left the hospital and he has gained 4oz at 4lbs 6oz. This is great news because he is the smaller baby and we want to make sure he is growing and of course he is.

I still can't believe they are here and so perfect.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I try to be calm as tomorrow morning my twin boys will be born. I am usually the one that nothing bothers and nothing scares me and I have always had times in my life so most things do not phase me. But now. but now. But now my mind is racing at a thousand miles and hour which is usual for me, but it's usually racing on different things, but now.. But now my mind is focused on just this one thing.

I can't stop myself from still being amazed by the lives we are bringing into the world. I really never thought I could have children, I have tried for years since I was a teenager I've been trying lol. And now at 34 years old I finally did it!!!!

We go to Springfield tomorrow and we have to be there by 6am and so we have to leave early around 5am since it's about a 45 minute drive. We have two good hospitals here, but one of or boys may be a slight bit too small and since St. Johns in Springfield is specifically for children our doctor thought ti would be a good idea to have them there. She has to have a c-section and I know she's really not looking forward to it, but she has to do whatever better for the babies and her. Of course, we're worried as any parents will be, but the babies are actually good sizes for twins and there have been way smaller babies that end up turning out great. We are just going there just to be ready for anything because until they get here we won't know what condition they will be in.

Sebastian Alan is Baby A and he has been the biggest most of the pregnancy with a difference varying between 9-20%, but they have still continued growing so the doctor wasn't too concerned. As long as they are growing and have good blood flow then they will be fine.Gabriel Jean is Baby B the smallest, but as I've said he's still doing great. I am going to cry when they are born of course. I have been crying off and on all the time (with joy of course) and I'm not ashamed; I am a man and I am proud that I know and understand my emotions and I know it's good to cry. It's part of what makes us human. Those who don't cry concern me. As a great band I listen called Chevelle says: "I'd live a life of raw emotion than a life content death...".

My boys website:

In other news I have been in Photoshop lately now that I don't have my job anymore (I am looking for work believe me) and I was doing a lot of graphics for the boys site, but yesterday I decided to do a sig for the first time in almost 3 years and here's the result, I'd say it's not half bad:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wow Babies

Wow, I haven't posted on here for a very long time and it's mostly because I have had a job where I worked 61 hours a week and I started a life where I was always busy. I found the greatest woman I could ever dream of having and she has made my life more than tolerable; she has made it like a dream.

I love her more than anyone or anything I have ever loved in my life and I can't imagine ever living a life without her...

And now we're having twins!!!! I am having two sons planned to be born on March 12th, 2012 on Monday and I am so ecstatic that I can barely concentrate to my normal capacity (it's hard to ever throw me off track with something I'm working on), but I have managed to build a website devoted to the growth of my boys.

Not only is this the fastest work I've done, but it best work I've ever done (opinions will vary I'm sure lol). I think I built this site, hand coded and graphics in Photoshop, in about 80 complete hours. Of course I've done some fiddling and testing different menus and such since, but the big part of it is done. Now all I have to do is keep adding photos and news of the boys as they grow. I have the main page, a comments page and then I have a gallery that so far consists of 4 sections: Ultrasound, Birthdays, Christmas and Halloween. I'm sure I'll add more sectionds and I'm already thinking of how I should add pics of my girl throughout her pregnancy other than the ultrasound pics.

Wow. Babies. I'm 34 and I raised another child for a few years and although I loved that child it wasn't mine and I never really thought I could have one... and now I have two at one time!!! I'lll start blogging again now about my kids I'm sure, this was, of course, supposed to be my journey of my mind.

Id you care to check out my boys site here's the link below:

This image is something I have been working on for a while and I'll eventually put the kids pics in it and have it fade in.
My Twins