Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OMG, I feel like such a dumb ass. Yesterday I was so upset and in a bad mood because I thought I had lost my mp3 player. I had stuck it in my coat pocket while running for the bus and when I went to get it out yesterday it was gone. My coat pockets have holes in them and so when I put things in them they go inside my coat. Well I had searched all through the bottom of my coat and couldn't find it.

After some pouting and t.v. watching last night I pick up my coat again and searched again. Still nothing. I laid the coat down next to me again on the bed and started watching t.v. again. While moving around getting comfortable I layed my arm on the arm of my coat and felt a little bump that I thought shouldn't be there down by the cuff. It was very curious to me so I then stuck my hand inside my pocket, up the inside of my coat and then into the arm and down towards the cuff and what do you know, there was my mp3 player!

I felt so stupid that I had made such a fuss. I really would have been devastated if I had lost it though. Music is so important to me and my mood. It really gets me through everyday and I am listening to it right now of course. I wrote a new review at Ciao and it is pretty much receiving all "exceptional" ratings with the exception of just a few very "very helpfuls". My girlfriend is mad at me, but I hope she'll get over it soon as she knows I love her and I am on her side. Hopefully the rest of my day will turn out just fine.


potrish78 said...

wahahahahhahaha!!! Sorry I can't help but to laugh...

Hey! I wasn't mad at you. You just assumed I was. LOL

Scarletrose said...

I am glad you are feeling better and found your mp3 player. You wasn't stupid you just panicked because you thought you had lost something that is so important to you. We have all done it.