Friday, August 14, 2009

New grafix...

I havn't really had time to really blog in a long time. Photoshop and now Cinema 4D have taken up alot of my time and the results are just great I think. I still have ways to go before I get famous making the next Shrek movie, but I am getting there. I meant to start this blog as my own personal journal and I did write for a short while, but not much in the last few months. Just been using it for Dneero.

Most of my grafix are posted in my portfolio at my grafix website: New Pride Grafix Portfolio, but I figured I'd pst a few here. This is some of my latest Photoshop work:

and the only 3D Animation I have ever done (just learning):

I'll start writing on here more soon... I hope.

Check out my website to see a whole lot more....

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