Sunday, May 24, 2009


I am all about free information and other free things and so I want to let people know about the wonderful world of proxy (for those of you who don't already know). Proxy is faking the server that hosts the web page you are viewing into bleieving it is from a differnt place/country and have of that countries IP adresses.

Really what it does is read server requests and throws anything it doesn't want to see out. It shreds it up and does not forward it. It acts like a server in the first place wherever the proxy ip number is located.

Take for example a certian television channel in England will not let me watch shows on it's site because it blocks people from countries ip adresses from viewing. I then go to and select one of free proxy addresses and ports numbers from the list and then go to your internet browsers settings and enter the information. It is in different places in different browsers. So here are short tutorials on how it's done:

Click Tools>Preferences>Advanced>Network. Click the Proxy Servers tab and then check the HTTP checkmark box and then enter whatever ip adress you will use from the free proxy page. Enter the port number given on the free pages as well and click OK. You should the be able to watch any video or get on any website in that country.

Click Tools>Options>Advance>Network in the connection bubble click Settings. Check the Manual proxy configuration radio button and enter the information.

Click Tools>Internet Options>Connections, click the LAN Settings button and the checkmark the only option in the Proxy server bubble. Ente rthe information and click OK.

Note: You're lucky I wrote that because I am anti IE, lol.
If you want one written for a different browser then just comment and I will add it.

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royassure said...

Very, (I repeat) Very useful tips from you there. I'm one who really benefit from this advice! And you know it.

royassure said...

Hey Ian, the proxy thing doesn't seem to work anymore with I've tried so many different address already and it's not working at all.