Sunday, March 29, 2009

Up in arms

Was reading reviews at Ciao today and read a review of one of my favorite older albums from Foo Fighters called "The colour and the shape". I hadn't listened to it in a couple of years and downloaded it and remembered some of my favorite songs of all times are on this album. "Up in arms" is one of those and is now my backround song for this blog. Hope you like it.

The song is short, about 2 minutes and 15 seconds. The first 1/3 of the song is slow and soft and the it speeds up to a good melody.

I am usually pretty good at evaluating and interpreting songs and music as anyone who reads my albums reviews at Ciao knows, but I have always had trouble understanding this song. Here are the lyrics:

"Up in arms" - Foo Fighters

The rain is here and you, my dear,
Are still my friend
It's true the two of us are back as one again
I was the one who left you
Always coming back I cannot forget you girl
Now I am up in arms again
Together now I don't know how this love could end
My lonely heart it falls apart again
For you to mend
I was the one who left you
Always coming back I cannot forget you girl
Now I am up in arms again

On one hand "Up in arms" means being on the defense. It means getting your gun and being ready for anything ot happen. On the other hand this song sounds like he is in her arms again and he shouldn't have left her in the first place. I don't know. Maybe he is on defense to not lose her again, but it was his fault for leaving her in the first place. Please tell me what you think.


Mara said...

I like Foo Fighters!! :)) So okay, I think it's the latter part of what you said, that he is in the defense not to lose her.

Ranran said...

Me too! I especially like the song "Learn to fly". I wanna learn to play that in my guitar. You write really well.. i can learn to write good reviews like you do.

Happy week!

kriztinac said...

hi there. i had invited you to join an online contest... wanna see your creativity in coming up with ideas impromptu.