Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bah Humbug

This is the worst part of the year for me sometimes. This is the time when the fanatics get extra fanatical and the hypocrites give and then get mad about it privately. They feel they must give because of an obligation to religion or tradition or whatever reason they have.

I don't need a reason to give. I don't need a reason to live. I don't need to keep searching for something that can't be proven, wasting my life and in the end wondering where my life went.

I like the spirit of Christmas, but not what it stands for. Why can't we have this spirit all year long and for no reason at all? Why do we have to celebrate a mans birthday, who was born in March, in December?

Why can't family get together all year long? Most families hate each other. At least all of the ones I have ever known with out exception. I just had to get this out.

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