Sunday, March 1, 2015

WgetURL V1.0

WgetURL V1.0

Off and on throughout the years I have had, heard and seen many conversations with people about posting images (anything really) online and how secure they really are. By now we should all know they are not and even if a website has security in place if a hacker wants your files bad enough they can get them. Having said that most hackers aren't really wanting any pics of your trip to the local fair or your puckered selfies... so really in the end it''s not that big of a deal. If you're posting naked pics and people get them that's more than likely your fault for making them public as I doubt a real hacker wasted his time to get your amateur porn.

In one of these conversations I had with a person I did mention Wget as a way to download files from a web server from a command line interface, without having to use any browser or download manager you can download many files from a server as long as it doesn't have restrictions (as many do, BUT NOT ALL). This method is for legitimate users like web designers/hosts or just someone interested in the way a site is coded to download these files.

Of course, I love to write scripts for everything and so began my little quest to create WgetURL V1.0, a small utility to easily download all obtainable files from a web server with a simple command such as:


instead of having to type a bunch of code like this:

wget --no-clobber --convert-links --random-wait -r -P %userprofile%\Desktop robots=off --cut-dirs=1 --cut-dirs=2 --cut-dirs=3


  • Note: I ended up creating this as an installer package with an uninstaller because it has several files and a PATH variable so I wanted a clean uninstall.
  • Note: Not for use in XP. It can be installed and the cli utility part can be used manually, but it will not function properly as is. XP is far outdated and I will not code for it at this time.
  • Note: As with most of my utilities this may show as a false positive in Anti-virus or warnings. It's is not signed and may show packed warnings because wget is packaged with this.


The installer is very simple, it will install all files to C:\Bin\WgetURL using my WinBin system and give you the option to not create a Start Menu folder, but I don't recommend that.


Can only be ran from a command line interface (cli) such as CMD by typing


It will run from anywhere as the path is added to the PATH variable.


Very clean uninstall either by a shortcut in the Start Menu, uninstaller found in the programs directory or by any normal means in your Uninstall Programs list.


WgetURLV1.0-Setup for Windows Vista/7/8

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