Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kids going to sleep batch script :D

Kids To Sleep Script

For all my fellow geek/parents out there who know anything about dos batch/cmd coding I wrote this little script to mimic my feelings and many future instances with my children when trying to get them to GO TO SLEEP!!! lol Finishing the loop and continuing the eof consists of deleting a text file in the same folder named awake_kids.txt lol The funny thing about this post that don't get it is that while the file awake_kids.txt exists (kids are awake) the program is running and using processor power which in humans tires us down and in humans and computers eating up our power also wears our physical hulls down.... so when then awake_kids.txt gets deleted (kids go to sleep) the loop then ends and stops using so much energy the same as every parents experiences every time they go to sleep

@echo off
if exist awake_kids.txt (
echo Get your ass to sleep!!!
) else (
echo About fucking time!!!

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